What’s the wheel of life?

The concept behind the wheel of life is credited to self-improvement pioneer Paul Meyer who based the Success Motivation Institute in 1960. Regardless of quite a few interpretations of the wheel of life in more moderen years, every model shares the frequent objective of non-public transformation.

Understanding the wheel of life

The wheel of life is a private improvement software that allows people to visualise and stability varied features of their life.

The wheel of life is an easy, sensible, and versatile framework that allows people to evaluate their wants, outline goals in relation to core values, and in the end, take pleasure in extra fulfilling lives.

Most wheels have between 8 and 10 segments which characterize classes important to a wholesome, balanced existence.

To find out areas of their life they excel in and those who have maybe been uncared for, the person can full a questionnaire to evaluate their satisfaction in every class.

Some interpretations merely require that every class be rated on a scale of 1 to 10.

Wheel of life classes

A few of the classes which may be current on the wheel of life (and a few useful questions for every) embody:

  1. Enterprise, profession, and research – is your profession headed in the best path? Are you happy together with your development up to now?
  2. Finance and wealth – does your revenue fulfill your present wants? Are you able to earn extra to fulfill future wants?
  3. Well being and health – how wholesome are you in a bodily sense? What would your physician say about your eating regimen?
  4. Social and buddies – does your present stage of social interplay meet your wants? Are your mates supportive?
  5. Household – is your loved ones supportive of your wants? Equally, do you present the identical help to your loved ones?
  6. Love – how typically do you specific like to others? Are you happy together with your romantic life?
  7. Private progress – do you hunt down new experiences commonly? Do you use a hard and fast mindset or a progress mindset?
  8. Recreation – do you take pleasure in life and have enjoyable? Do you find time for recreation?
  9. Contribution – how would others fee your contribution to their lives? Are you keen to help when wanted? Are you charitable?
  10. Non secular – are you linked to one thing greater than your self? Are you able to see past your day-to-day existence?

Enterprise purposes of the wheel of life

The wheel of life can be utilized in particular enterprise conditions. Two of those are talked about briefly beneath.

Choice making 

The wheel of life can be utilized when an worker faces a call with a number of choices. This may occasionally embody a promotion, a brand new profession, or a job inside the similar trade.

To evaluate the validity of every possibility and gauge its influence, the person scores the choice towards every of the usual wheel of life segments.

The person then considers how they really feel about every choice based mostly on its influence rating. In different phrases, does the rating align with their instinct or intestine feeling? If not, why not?

Based mostly on these insights, the person can select a plan of action or undertake extra analysis to make a extra knowledgeable choice.

Efficiency appraisal

When an worker has obtained a substandard efficiency appraisal or has been missed for a enterprise alternative, the wheel of life can make clear new methods ahead.

That is significantly helpful for individuals who are uninspired or unmotivated and want a recent perspective.

Every phase on this wheel denotes one of many worker’s key strengths which ought to embody each their private {and professional} lives.

As soon as no less than eight strengths have been recognized, the person scores them out of 10 based mostly on how effectively they consider that specific high quality is being demonstrated. 

From these scores, the person clarifies which strengths are being utilized effectively and which aren’t. For these underutilized strengths, they need to brainstorm no less than 5 actions that may enhance their rating and result in a extra optimistic, fulfilled life.

Key takeaways:

  • The wheel of life is a private improvement software that allows people to visualise and stability varied features of their life.
  • A few of the classes which may be current on the wheel of life embody love, social and buddies, well being and health, recreation, contribution, and spirituality.
  • The wheel of life will be tailored for particular enterprise contexts. For instance, a person might use the wheel to evaluate selections with myriad choices reminiscent of a brand new profession transfer or promotion.

Linked Wheel-Based mostly Enterprise Frameworks

Margerison-McCann Staff Administration Wheel

The Margerison-McCann workforce administration wheel was developed by Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr. Dick McCann. Margerison – an creator and psychologist – partnered with scientist and organizational behaviorist McCann to find out why some groups had been efficient whereas others with an analogous skillset weren’t.

Enterprise Mannequin Wheel

A enterprise mannequin wheel offers a structured method to defining a enterprise mannequin. Every mannequin wheel is damaged down into three core parts: providing, monetization and sustainability. Every part in flip contributes to a complete of eight areas that make up a great enterprise mannequin.

Plutchik’s Wheel of Feelings

Plutchik’s wheel of feelings is a framework illustrating the assorted relationships between human feelings. Plutchik’s wheel of feelings was developed by American psychologist Robert Plutchik in 1980 to assist folks make sense of their typically mysterious or overwhelming emotions.

Model Essence Wheel

The model essence wheel is a templated method companies can use to raised perceive their model. The model essence wheel has apparent implications for exterior model technique. Nevertheless, it’s equally vital in simplifying model technique for workers with no sturdy advertising and marketing background. Though many variations of the model essence wheel exist, a complete wheel incorporates info from 5 classes: attributes, advantages, values, character, model essence.